Binging after baby

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Ever binged after you had a baby? You know you've been there.You played by all the health and safety rules during pregnancy. Maybe you even got healthy and in shape before the pregnancy in anticipation, which included not drinking. After the birth, you might have been breastfeeding, which makes drinking tricky and a pain in the butt (the timing, the pumping and dumping...), or you may just been too darned tired to care.

But then came that time when you really, really, REALLY needed a drink. Or seven. Perhaps the little one had colic and you endured hours of endless crying (the baby's, soon to be followed by yours). Or maybe you were sick and tired of being cooped up in the house without any real adult interaction. Regardless, there came a time when you had the opportunity to go out and, well, knock a few back. And you did. And it was more than a few.

Do we even need to discuss the next day? Would you rather not talk about it, or have you blocked it from your memory? Probably a little of both. But, despite the aching head, the worship of the porcelain goddess and having to go through all of it while now managing your children--which, let's be honest, is a nightmare when you're hung over and all you want to do is stay in bed--you're not alone. It seems more and more moms I talk to have done just the same thing. And, more often than not, they regret it. Being hung over reminds them just how much a responsibility having a child really is. It also reminds them how much they care about it--everyone I spoke to felt guilty about not being able to be fully present for her kid. They also took the opportunity to share their hangover miracle cures! You know, in case one of us found ourselves in that situation again. Because you know it's going to happen.

Have you binged after baby? And lived to tell about it? Any miracle hangover cures you'd like to share to help moms get through the worst of it (and think again before knocking back more than a few)?

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