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Tired of too much candy? Try these treats instead.
A bucket of Halloween candy
The Shasta County department of Public Health has compiled a list of alternatives to your standard Halloween candy for those looking to avoid contributing to the delinquency of a minor's teeth. It includes some great suggestions including kazoos, crayons, and erasers. If you still want to hand out comestibles, perhaps small boxes of raisins, trail mix, or pretzels would work for you.

But it's not so much the list itself but the availability of the list. My son brought home a copy from school as part of his Wednesday notices. I like the fact that government health departments are taking steps to help the citizenry make good choices. I don't believe, even for a minute, that the fruits of a single night of candy gathering will undermine the long-term health of a kid but I also recognize that every day is an opportunity to teach healthy habits.

So thanks for sharing your handout, Shasta county!


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