Denis Leary apologizes for autism comments

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When Denis Leary speaks, chances are whatever he has to say is going to be a little rough around the edges. But when quotes from his new book suggested that autism doesn't exist, that autism is due to "inattentive mothers and competitive dads," and that autistic kids are "stupid" or "lazy" or both, people took notice.

Among the outcry from parents of children with autism, came one mom, Jessica George, who challenged Denis Leary to spend an hour with her autistic child. What's the fastest way to get an apology out of Denis Leary? Ask him to babysit, apparently.

Denis recently issued an apology of sorts for the hurt that his comments caused. "I have nothing but admiration and sympathy for the people I know who are raising children with autism. In fact, they were the inspiration for the chapter I wrote about the subject." Leary says the quote was taken out of context and that, in fact, the chapter is actually about good friends of his and their struggles to raise a child with autism.

Apology accepted? What do you think?

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