Do you skip work on Halloween?

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A jack-o-lantern hiding behind a bushMy daughter Sara is going to preschool dressed as a fairy (or Tinkerbell or a princess or whatever she decides she is at the moment). She'll show off her costume to her friends and they'll show their costumes, and then they'll all wander up and down the street collecting a few treats from local businesses. It will be, I'm sure, extremely cute.

My wife, however, as much as she'd like to, will not be able to see it. As a teacher, she has a different set of costumed ghouls and goblins to ride herd on. I, on the other hand, am burning a vacation day so that I can go to Sara's school and, later, my son's Halloween parade at his elementary school.

At both events, I'm sure, there will be a mix of stay-at-home parents and some who, like me, took the day off. There will also be children whose parents were unable to skip work to be there. While I don't think Halloween is important enough to make it a national holiday, I do feel for those who are unable to see their kids with their friends and schoolmates all dressed up.

But it got me wondering -- do others actually take a day off to go to their kids' schools on Halloween? How do you manage to get the time off?

Will you be attending your children's school celebrations?
Yes, I'm a stay-at-home parent31 (27.9%)
Yes, I took the day off17 (15.3%)
Yes, I called in sick3 (2.7%)
Yes, I have a flexible schedule and can work around it20 (18.0%)
No, I will miss it20 (18.0%)
No, the school doesn't celebrate Halloween20 (18.0%)

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