Hockey mom sings out against Sarah Palin

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We've all heard the "hockey mom" pitch and references to lipstick and pit bulls and you'd think that every hockey mom in the country would be backing Sarah Palin for president vice-president, with their darling stars of the ice by their side -- and you'd be wrong. I suspect there are a lot of moms who don't appreciate Mrs. Palin attempting to speak on their behalf.

One such mom put her objections to music and offers up this lyrical commentary on the candidate and her suitability to lead the country.

Political columnist David Knowles points out that the mom in the video is wearing a St. Louis Blues jersey and thus has an extra beef with Palin -- she could be considered responsible for an injury that Blues' goalie Manny Legace suffered after her appearance at the ice rink.

I don't know much about hockey but I do have some experience with musical theatre; my mother-in-law, whose theatre company will be celebrating its 25th year next year, was impressed and said she was pretty good. I think I'd vote for this hockey mom over the other one in a (seventy-two-year-old) heartbeat.

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