Sarah Palin offers to let Bristol babysit for Tina Fey

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When Tina Fey couldn't find a sitter for her three-year-old Alice during a recent cameo on Saturday Night Live, she got an unusual offer. Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin, who was on set to make an appearance, asked Tina if she'd managed to find someone, because, you know, if she hadn't, Bristol would have watched the girl for her.

I can just imagine Bristol standing behind Tina Fey, shaking her head furiously, mouthing to her mom, "NO WAY. NO MOM. STOP."

Tina was taken back a bit, not only by the somewhat over-friendliness of the gesture, but also by how weird it would be to have Bristol, the daughter of the woman Tina's been "goofing on" for weeks watch her baby. Forget that, I wonder how weird it had to be for Tina to meet Sarah Palin in the first place! Awkward.

Tina does such a spot on impression of Gov. Palin that even little Alice gets confused when she sees pictures of both women. Watch Tina talk about it with Conan O'Brien in the video below.

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