The Simpson's spoof Mad Men in Halloween episode

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Halloween might mean pumpkins and trick-or-treating for the kids, but for fans of The Simpsons, it also means it's time to kick back with a Hershey bar you snitched from your kids' stash and watch the annual Treehouse of Horror episode.

The Simpsons are famous for their pop-culture references and parodies. This year's episode promises not to disappoint with a nod to a certain, popular AMC series. (Hint: It's Mad Men.)

What do Homer Simpson and Don Draper have in common? Well ... nothing, actually. Which is probably what makes this video so hilarious. Take a look for yourself.

I haven't watched The Simpsons regularly for years, but I try not to miss their Halloween special. Rumor has it that this year's episode, which airs this Sunday at 8 P.M. EST, will also spoof on Charlie Brown and The Transformers.


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