Weighty pregnancy makes for weighty baby

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According to new research, women who gain too much weight during pregnancy run the risk of delivering fat babies. Of 40,000 U.S. women studied, one in five was found to be overweight during pregnancy and running the risk of delivering a baby weighing nine pounds or more. Wow--that's a LOT of baby! In fact, twenty percent of women who gained more than forty pounds delivered heavy babies as compared with less than twelve percent of women who gained moderate amounts of weight.

Heavy weight gain during pregnancy can also lead to complications like gestational diabetes. Thirty percent of women in the group who gained more than forty pounds and had gestational diabetes ended up with plus-sized babies. The research indicated, however, that women who gained more than forty pounds during pregnancy were likely to have heavy babies even if such complications didn't develop.

Although I'm having a little trouble following it, according to the researchers these results also indicate that women who gain too much weight during pregnancy could be setting their children up to be "programmed" to be overweight or even obese during the rest of their lives. Weight gain in pregnancy has risen quite a bit in the last twenty years, leaving many experts to speculate that this increase has contributed to the obesity epidemic in the U.S.


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