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Jennifer Hudson

As we all know too well by now, actress and singer Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew were taken from her and her sister, Julia, in what is sure to be one of the biggest tragedies in Hollywood and America. Even more alarming than the murders themselves, it seems, is the media's way of capitalizing on the tragic events and bringing the public any and every detail possible while the family does what it can to simply get through the day. Their grief is played out on the front pages of rags, tabloids and respected journals alike, right next to the likes of who would win the world series. Rather than being a private matter, grief has become quite the opposite. So it should be no surprise that Julia Hudson, mother to the seven-year-old Julian, would choose to respond to the events over which she had no control, by taking to the ether herself. (Her sister, Jennifer, had previously used MySpace to post a reward for the return of her nephew.)

Julia recently posted a note to all the public who'd been praying for her and the return of her son. She thanked everyone for their kind words, their thoughts and prayers. At that point, Julian's body had been found. Julia further posted that her son was with his uncle and grandmother, and that there was some comfort in that.In essence, Julia shared all her grief with the world at large, strangers with access to every aspect of her life whether or not she wanted them to have it. Rather than resist it, Julia went with it, and used the media to perhaps help her through this awful, awful thing a tiny bit (if that's even possible). And that's the modern world for you. The days of reading obituaries in the papers over the weekend are over. I just hope Julia was able to take some little piece of comfort from knowing that the world was grieving with her, that they were on her side.

Was taking her pain to the Internet appropriate? Some would say it was uncouth, or disrespectful. I would counter that grief knows no rules, no logic. However Julia and her family choose to deal with the tragedy that has befallen them is up to them. I can't even begin to fully understand the devastation that comes from losing a loved one in cold blood, let alone a child. It seems to me to be the most horrible thing that could happen to a parent. And living through that, however it's possible, means there is no right or wrong. I doubt Julia Hudson got much solace from posting on MySpace, but that's what she chose to do. Jennifer, Julia and we at ParentDish are connected only by the Internet; thus, let us use it to express to them our sympathy, condolences and sadness. Our thoughts are with you, even if only through the ether.

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