Will sexy TV lead to teen pregnancy?

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Blake Lively and Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl

Will watching television get you pregnant? According to an article from the Daily News, it may be the case. What sounds as implausible as the rumor that circulated when I was a kid that you could get pregnant from a toilet seat (remember THAT one?) has a little oomph behind it thanks to a recent study, which found that girls who watch racy television programs are more likely to get pregnant.

The reason for this? They're more likely to engage in the same risky behavior they see on television, namely having unprotected sex. Anita Chandra's research lead to the conclusion that teen girls who watched the sexiest shows on television, a la Gossip girl, were twice as likely to become pregnant over a three year span of time as those who didn't watch such programs.

The study was comprised of interviews of over 2000 boys and girls between the ages of twelve and seventeen who were quizzed about their television viewing. Family set up, parental education level and grades were factored out of the equation, which still lead to evidence that teens watching the sexiest shows were twice as likely to get pregnant. Critics of the study counter that the study didn't take in account factors such as self esteem, values instilled by the family and, of course, money.

Thoughts? Does watching television get you pregnant? It sounds right up there with the notion that listening to heavy metal will make you suicidal, but who knows--perhaps there is some compelling link?

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