Woman refuses to hand out candy to Obama supporters

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jack o lanternA Gross Pointe Farms, Michigan woman played a nasty trick on trick-or-treaters this weekend. A sign on her door read, "No handouts for Obama supporters, liars, tricksters, or kids of supporters."

The kids who approached Shirley Nagel's home quickly found out she wasn't joking. Children (and their parents) who supported Barack Obama were turned away, sometimes in tears. "Oh well," she said, "Everybody has a choice."

Taking candy from babies, that's hardcore support for your candidate right there. Only I think Mrs. Nagel forgot the rule about catching more flies with honey. Not only are kids not allowed to vote (and in some cases, are too young to know what an election even is), parents of crying kids aren't likely to be sympathetic to your cause. They'll just think you're a Halloween sourpuss.

Whatever happens tomorrow, I'll be glad to see this election finished. Maybe then we'll stop judging people by the color of their political party and go back to being friends and neighbors again.

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