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Got a picky dresser slowing down your morning rush? Line up the week's outfits on Sunday night.calendar

I was told by my kindergartner, in no uncertain terms, that I'm no longer to choose her outfits for her. But trying on multiple outfits every weekday morning was putting a serious pinch on our morning routine.

So every Sunday night, she goes through and picks out five outfits for the week. I get a chance to nix any outfits that are not school or weather-appropriate. The outfits go into a small set of baskets sitting next to her dresser with matching socks. Because she gets to choose which of the outfits to wear each day, she still feels in control, and we still have time for a decent breakfast.

We're talking about ways to make the morning routine a little easier this week on DailyDish. Come back daily for more tips!


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