Marilyn Monroe and JFK's love child wants money

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Yay! This is funny! I know the election is getting us all amped up and nervous, so let's take the time to muse over the rumblings of another president--John F. Kennedy. According to a report, JFK's alleged love child, one John R. Burton, wants a stake of JFK's inheritance. The Kennedy's lawyer is calling the lawsuit "frivolous."

The New Yorker claims that the late President is his father and that none other than Marilyn Monroe is his mother. While I can see that it is possible for JFK to have fathered children outside of his marriage to Jackie, and while it is common knowledge that he had a fling with Ms. Monroe, I find it a tad hard to believe Norma Jean could've hidden a pregnancy from the world. Granted, the media and tabloids were nothing like they are today, and a starlet could keep her private life out of the eye of the public should she have desired to do so, but I think we'd have noticed if Monroe, one of the biggest Hollywood stars of ALL TIME just sorta went missing for a few months. Just sayin'.

Burton is asking for a chunk of Kennedy's change and even willing to take a DNA test to prove he is the biological child of those two really good looking people (haven't seen a pic of Burton so can't say if he favors either of them!). Sounds to me like he has some sort of scheme cooked up, but, hey, who knows--maybe it will be proven true. Until then, JFK remains father to only two children (that we know of), the late John, Jr. and daughter Caroline.

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