David Duchovny and Tea Leoni reunited?

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Tea Leoni and David DuchovneyAre David Duchovny and Tea Leoni about to get all Peaches and Herb on us? If sources are to be believed, the pair may be reuniting. And, frankly, for some reason, I would be breathing a sigh of relief. The couple were allegedly spotted together trick or treating with their kids this past Halloween in New York. It is also claimed they were holding hands--ew, gross! Don't they know that's how you get cooties? It was be nearly unprecedented for the Hollywood stars to manage to patch things up between them--as far as this blogger can recall, only Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn seem interested in really trying to make it work.

For my money, if David and Tea do reconcile, their children will be at the heart of that reconciliation. The famous pair kept their separation private for at least a month in order to protect their children, Madelaine and Kyd, as best they could from the harsh media spotlight and crappy tabliodism (maybe not a word yet, but it is now!) that befalls any star worth his or her salt. They also keep their kids under wraps--you don't see these two hawking their kids for publicity. Perhaps that's because, at this point anyway, they don't need any publicity--Duchovny was in rehab for a porn addiction and was purported to be flinging with his tennis instructor while Tea was alleged to have been pursuing more than a "friendship" with Billy Bob Thornton.

Well, as I always say, only time will tell if the two will be able to patch things up. Let's hope they're at least willing to give it a try. After eleven years of marriage one would think they'd be willing to fight for it, but who knows how hard it was to stay together in the first place. Good luck, guys!


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