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catherine zeta jonesAlthough she considers herself "pretty easygoing," even Catherine Zeta Jones has her limits. Find out how her kids know when they've crossed the line. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Here's one piece of good news for those ladies who suffer from migraines. -- MomLogic

Many Americans no longer have choices about what to cut and what to keep in the family budget. But there must be some things you'd never cut. -- BlogHer

Here, a few of the fine men we had girlhood crushes on before we realized they just weren't that into us... any of us. -- LemonDrop

"Please prove to us that we weren't just another marketing scheme to get votes." Folky punk rocker Billy Bragg's lyrics followed by a totally sincere letter to the president elect. -- Halushki

The position of "Presidential Child" has always been tricky one. Find out who gambled, who disowned her family and who rode his bike down the White House Stairs. -- Babble

You might be interested in this new study on children's TV viewing habits. Turns out they want cartoons to look like this. -- AdFreak

Save this: A great edible craft to make with the kids while the turkey is roasting in the oven. -- Alphamom


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