Dutch may force bad mothers to use contraception

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Two hands holding an unwwrapped condomIt's not a bad idea, in an abstract, theoretical way. If you can't take care of the kids you have, you probably shouldn't oughta be having any more. It's even been tried, on a very limited and very optional basis, by offering incentives. The Dutch, however, are proposing to take it one step further and make contraception mandatory for two years, for women deemed by the state to be an unfit mother.

"It targets people who have been the subject of judicial intervention because of their bad parenting," explained Marjo Van Dijken who authored the bill. "If someone refuses the contraception and becomes pregnant, the child must be taken away directly after birth." While I'm sure we all want the best for all kids and there are certainly people out there who shouldn't be parents at all, let alone having more kids, this seems to me to be a rather extreme solution. I think I'd rather go the route of educating parents about contraception as well as providing more training on being a good parent.

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In the US, I suspect this would never even get a chance to be voted on, but I must admit I don't know enough about Dutch politics and culture to know if this has any chance of becoming law. I have to say, I hope it's intended just as a wake-up call to get people talking about the issue of poor parenting.

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