Obama's kids "earn" their White House puppy

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Barack Obama and familyYay! We have a new president elect. And you know what that means, right? I'm sure you're focused, as I was, on all the talk of the economy, healthcare and the war. But there was one more little thing Obama addressed in his acceptance speech that I couldn't help but chortle over -- his mention of the new puppy his daughters would be receiving upon their taking over the White House. President-Elect Barack Obama (I love typing official stuff like that! Titles are GREAT!) said his daughters Malia and Sasha had "earned" their soon-to-be new puppy, and I am sure he wasn't kidding. It's tough for anyone's family to go through any sort of political campaign process, but, gee, when your DAD is running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and then he WINS THE ELECTION, you sort of have your work cut out for you. My question -- is a puppy enough???

Of course, most of the time -- and no offense to Socks, here -- when a new family enters the presidency they bring with them the family dog, who becomes first dog. Why is it, I ask, a dog and not a cat -- or, hey, say, a family ferret? It always seems to be a dog. Is it some sort of subversive thing, that being American means having a dog? Was it important (to Obama's spin doctor speech writers, anyway) to have him ensure America that he would fit in, that he could be trusted -- that he was American, because, gosh darnit, the first order of business was procuring the first family pet? Or, maybe he was just making a joke.

What if your passion is pet miniature shrimp or something, and you get elected to the White House? Then what? Do you have to ditch your shrimp for a cocker spaniel or something? Hmm. Inquiring minds (mine) also want to know exactly what kind of dog this puppy is going to be. Will he be a bull terrier? A whippet? A great dane? How about the old standard, the golden retriever? What about my beloved dachshund??? Maybe they'll head to the local chapter of the ASPCA and adopt a mutt--that would totally rock. What type of dog is right for the Obamas or inspires trust and confidence from the American people in a president is another blog all together, but it is fun to think about the first daughters picking out a puppy. I know how much I loved picking out my own puppy, and how much I love having him in my family. One thing is for sure, whatever dog they end up with will be a lucky one indeed!

Is it a good idea for the Obamas to get a puppy?
Sure - it will give the girls somethign to do.408 (60.4%)
Yes - the President needs a dog.110 (16.3%)
No - too much change already!22 (3.3%)
Eh, puppy-schmuppy, who really cares?135 (20.0%)

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