When "placenta brain" attacks

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The other day I went to the post office and bought some stamps to put on some thank you notes I'd written for gifts I'd received for my new daughter. I'd actually created an excel spreadsheet with the name of each person who'd given me a gift, what the gift was, and whether or not the thank you had been completed--those that had were given a nice "X" in the appropriate column. The reason for this exercise, which to some might seem a little...well, anal retentive? I'll tell you quite honestly: PLACENTA BRAIN.

You may know what placenta brain is. You may know someone who's suffered from it or have had a bought with it yourself. Placenta brain strikes pregnant women and those who've recently given birth, causing them to not be completely in control of their faculties. Some blame the hormones for the condition. Some blame the general craziness of having a new baby and trying to fit said baby into some sort of (sleepless) schedule. Regardless of what causes it, placenta brain DOES exist, and is even considered to be real by medical professionals.

How can I prove that it exists to you? Case in point--remember the stamps? Well, I very carefully put each one of them on the top left-hand side of the envelope. You know, the part where the return address goes? My husband, who apparently was also suffering from placenta brain, watched me do each one of the envelopes in this fashion before pointing out to me my error. Luckily I was able to remove and reattach each of the stamps to the proper, right-hand side of the envelopes, but we both couldn't help but laugh at how something so easy, simple and rote had still been screwed up!

Did you suffer from placenta brain when you were pregnant or after you had your children? Have any funny stories to tell? If so, please share. And let me know if it ever goes away....

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