Boy drives to Grandma's house - alone

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File this one away in the 'scary but true' annals. Recently, a nine-year-old boy drove to his grandma's house unattended (not that attended would be much better!). The boy, of Gifu in Japan, claimed he learned how to drive from watching his father and from playing video games. The child was caught after local police received reports of an unmanned car moving through the streets. Apparently, the lad wasn't tall enough to see above the steering wheel. No reports on whether or not he was weaving like the blue-haired old lady I imagined when I first read this story.

The parents' biggest mistake, other than making it look easy to drive, was leaving the keys in the ignition of their car. Seizing on that opportunity, the boy thought he'd take a visit to grandma's. How sweet is that--a boy who wants to visit his grandmother. Of course, the child is lucky he didn't hurt himself or anyone else. After getting lost and ending up in a parking lot, the boy was 'apprehended' and delivered unscathed back to his parents, who were given a stern warning by police to keep a better handle on the whereabouts of their vehicle.

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