Mother goes into labor during Barack Obama's speech

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President-Elect Barack ObamaParticipate in history being made or have a baby? Which would you choose? One couple tried to do both. Armed with tickets for the Grant Park rally on election night where, they hoped, they would get to see Barack Obama speak as President-Elect of the United States, Mawi Asgedom and his wife set out to be part of a change for the better last Tuesday night.

The thing is, Mrs. Asgedom was pregnant -- and six days past her due date. Still, she listened in awe to Obama's speech, even as her husband timed her contractions every three or four minutes. When the pain got to be too much, the couple walked to Prentice Women's Hospital, about a mile away, still timing those contractions. Mrs. Asgedom was dilated to five centimeters when she arrived at the hospital and at 5am she gave birth to a boy, Sawyer Tewolde Asgedom.

Like the man whose speech he interrupted, Sawyer is the son of an East African and a Midwestern woman; his father was born in Ethiopia and his mother is from Illinois. Mr. Asgedom noted that after Tuesday night, he knows Sawyer "can do and be anything" in America. What a wonderful, amazing thing to be able to say. Congratulations to the whole family!


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