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Rachel Campos-Duffy

As Parentdish's resident "Red Mom" it's no secret that I did not vote for Barack Obama. Nevertheless, I am excited that our new first family, the first in 45 years with young children, may have a very positive impact on children's fashion. Witness this slideshow of darling Malia Obama through the years.

My four and nine year-old daughters relate to the new soon-to-be first daughters because they share a common quest for a family dog. As a mom, I am thrilled by the possibility that Malia and Sasha, may replace Hannah Montana and other teen starlets as girlhood role models.

I'm equally hopeful that Malia and Sasha's beautiful dresses will inspire a national trend toward more age-appropriate clothing for girls and away from the sexy clothes currently being marketed to them. Though twelve year-old Malia will be 16 at the end of her father's first term, it's hard to imagine that Michelle and Barack would approve of her wearing the sleazy attire pushed by today's young celebrities or seen on MTV and BET. That will be good for girls and parents!

In fact, Barack Obama has not been shy about promoting clean fashion. On MTV, the always sharply dressed Obama, admonished "brothers" for showing their underwear and told them to "pull up their pants." Amen to that. If only Barack had been pro-life, his very sensible position on hanging off-the-butt pants might have been enough to win me over. In any case, it's safe to say that Barack may be the only president cool enough to convince teenage boys to clean up their fashion act.

The Obama family has perfected a classic look that is stylish, comfortable and uniquely American (though Michelle's weird red and black election night dress was an unfortunate and unflattering exception in my book). In general, Michelle proudly shops off the rack from stores like J-Crew and The GAP and her personal style is elegant, but more relaxed and accessible than first lady Jackie-O's. The Obama daughters' clothes and look are also attainable. As a result,it will be easy for American girls to emulate the class and style of the beautiful and always appropriately dressed Sasha and Malia. As a Republican mom, I can at least look forward to that.

Transcript from MTV News interview:

TSway: I know people have piercings, tattoos. Eric, in particular, is talking about a ban on sagging pants. Do feel like people should be penalized?

Obama: Here is my attitude: I think people passing a law against people wearing sagging pants is a waste of time. We should be focused on creating jobs, improving our schools, health care, dealing with the war in Iraq, and anybody, any public official, that is worrying about sagging pants probably needs to spend some time focusing on real problems out there. Having said that, brothers should pull up their pants. You are walking by your mother, your grandmother, your underwear is showing. What's wrong with that? Come on. There are some issues that we face, that you don't have to pass a law, but that doesn't mean folks can't have some sense and some respect for other people and, you know, some people might not want to see your underwear -- I'm one of them.



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