Barack Obama baby-naming blitz

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Barack ObamaHe inspired millions of people to elect him as the next President of the United States, and now President-elect Barack Obama is inspiring people in a whole different way. New parents in both Kenya, where Barack Obama's father was born, and the United States are naming their babies after our new leader.

Barack means "blessed," and parents in Kenya hope that by giving their child the name, their children will be successful in life. (As an aside, President-elect Obama also has a beer named after him there, "Senator," and Obama: The Musical recently opened as well.) A family in Florida got a little more creative and gave their child the first name of Obama.

It's pretty common to see an increase in popular baby names, but Barack Obama doesn't have a very common name, which even became an issue during the election. Still, it's a real name, unlike some of those in the gallery below.

Top 12 Weirdest Baby Names(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Parents try to name daughter CelebritiesSwedish parents name their daughter Metallica (yes, after the band!)Devoted Republicans name their baby

What about you? If you're a supporter, would you consider his name for your little one?

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