Little House on the Prairie for adults only?

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little house on the prairie dvdTwenty-five years after it went off the air, the beloved television series Little House on the Prairie has finally been released on DVD in Finland. Too bad Finnish kids aren't going to be allowed to buy it.

I don't think anyone will stop them from actually watching it, but in doing so they will be viewing content that has been rated suitable for adult viewing only. And yes, we are talking about the same Little House you and I watched starring Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert.

The adult rating is kind of a technicality. In Finland, the authorities who rate movies and television series charge $2.57 per minute to view the material. For a long-running series like Little House on the Prairie, that could add up to a large chunk of change. Rather than pay up, Universal Pictures elected to bypass the ratings inspection and therefore earned a "Banned for under-18s" rating by default.

Ironically, those very same shows are shown on Finnish television every Sunday morning.


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