Bringing home (the wrong) baby

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baby in diaperLike a lot of expectant parents do, 35-year-old Cristina Zahariuc purchased an outfit for her newborn baby to wear home from the hospital. So when it finally came time to bring little Ana Maria home, the hospital staff dutifully changed the newborn into her 'going home' clothes. The happy family returned to their Horlesti, Romania home and all was going well until Zahariuc unwrapped her little bundle of joy for her first diaper change. "Only when I got home and I invited some friends and the baby's godparents to see her did I notice my girl had a penis. I was paralyzed," said Zahariuc.

No, the hospital had not been mistaken about the sex of the Zahariuc's newborn baby - they had sent the new parents home with the wrong newborn baby. Apparently the little boy they were given had a very similar last name - Zaharia - and was situated in a cot right next to Ana Maria's.

Obviously, the confused parents immediately called the hospital where they were treated like pranksters. "It was very strange though. We were calling the hospital to tell them about the confusion and they were hanging up on us saying we should stop fooling around. They thought we were playing tricks on them," said new dad Constantin Zahariuc.

I guess all is well that ends well, but imagine how different things could have turned out. If the Zaharia infant had been a girl, there is a good chance the mix up might never have been detected. Tragedy averted thanks to a penis!

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