Newsflash - Brad Pitt is a great father

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Brad PittYou know, I might just about be on Jolie-Pitt overload. I am just about up to here (am point to my post-pregnancy double chin or perhaps my neck) with how great they are, how philanthropic and what good parents they are to their ever-expanding brood of babies. I am almost starting to believe it's true! Pitt is starring in the upcoming holiday-release The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a movie whose title certainly has me, well, curious. His costar, the beautiful Taraji Henson, is eager and ready to confirm what all of us regular folks are loathe to admit is true--Brad Pitt is a great father. Well, at least he is in her eyes. According to Henson, Papa Pitt made special time for each kid every day--either that or Angie or his parents did--on the movie set. No nannies were in sight. They were all probably cowering from the angelic light emanating from Angelina's next-to-godliness.

Seems like Brad not only likes his children but actually wants to spend time with them. I have yet, however, to hear of any costar comment on seeing him or Ange changing a poopy diaper. They may trick-or-treat with their kids and parade them around whichever town they've invaded while shooting whatever wanna-be blockbuster they have on their very full schedules, but when are the tabloids going to bedazzle me with a pic of Brad and a smelly poopy?

And just so you know, I don't really think you have to be seen in public changing a diaper disaster to be a good daddy. From what I can tell that Pitt character is the real thing. I mean, he can't be acting--although it is more believable a part, then, say, when he was in that vampire movie...(no, not Twilight). Henson also commented positively on how down to earth her costar was, insisting that she meet Angelina when Ange showed up on the set with Shiloh. Sigh. I guess some people really do have it all.

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