Matt Lauer's divorce makes for an awkward moment

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When Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira started a segment on marriage this morning, Meredith quickly got herself in a sticky situation. The question was: What is the right age to get married? Meredith shared her own experience, then asked Matt how old he was when he first took that big step.

Matt stammered, Meredith blushed, and a cameraman yelled, "Niiice!" Matt's been divorced once, and he and his second wife separated in 2006. The couple has now reconciled. (See the video here.)

While this was clearly an embarrassing, yet forgivable, faux pas between two friends, I'm wondering, what is the proper etiquette when someone has been married before? I have several friends who had early, short marriages that ended in divorce and are happily remarried now. It rarely comes up in conversation, but what do you do when you accidentally bring it up? Or unwittingly make them admit to it in mixed company?

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In the case of my friends, it depends on the situation. Some still have hard, painful feelings, while others can joke about their impulsive youth. So while Matt laughed off Meredith's mistake, some friends might not be able to see the humor in the situation.

How do you handle things when married friends have been divorced before?

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