Michelle Obama changes the way moms dress

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Admit it: one of the most fascinating things about the Presidential election was what everyone wore on the campaign trail. No, not the men -- the women! We all know about Sarah Palin and her $150,000 closet makeover, but the real winner in the style contest was Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama's style is simple and chic; she often repeated pieces and outfits during the campaign. She told Jay Leno that she shopped at J. Crew, and the dress she wore to host The View came from White House | Black Market. In other words, she's shopping at the mall, just like the rest of us.

Well, not just like the rest of us.

Mrs. Obama has a great figure, but she's not skinny; she has curves and she chooses her clothing to flatter her figure. She also makes her clothes work for her, because on the campaign trail she often had to go all day and then keep going into the night. She also uses color to her advantage, choosing bright shades that make her stand out in a crowd. Finally, Mrs. Obama has a way with accessories, adding a bold necklace or bright pin to many of her outifts.

Here are five specific looks we've seen recently and ways that you can get Mrs. Obama's style on your own.


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