The end of the bake sale?

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cupcakeIt's a traditional, and often delicious way for schools, PTAs, and student groups to make money -- the bake sale. Parents chip in by contributing their favorite goodies, and students chip in by buying them. Win/win, right? Wrong, says California, whose strict nutritional requirements on foods sold in schools have effectively banned bake sales.

So is California on the right track, or are they being too strict? Supporters say that their tactics help kids unlearn the "food as reward" mentality. Critics think that by banning these foods altogether, kids aren't learning how to eat them in moderation. I can see both sides of this argument.

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I live in a state with very high obesity rates, yet at my daughters' school, the PTA sells treats every single Friday. And let's not get me started on the state of their hot lunch program. Even the beloved Box Top program promotes the use of highly processed, salty foods. Yet ask any kid in the school what they'd like as a reward and they're likely to answer "extra recess." Why we keep throwing unhealthy foods at healthy, active kids, is beyond me.

Yet, banning sugary foods altogether? I don't know. Cupcakes exist, even if we like to pretend they don't. So is it better to hide them away from kids, or to teach them that a treat is an occasional indulgence? What do you think?

Should bake sales be banned in schools?
Yes. Reward kids with healthy activities instead.18 (6.6%)
No. They raise good money and everyone loves a treat.114 (42.1%)
No. But they should be used in moderation.105 (38.7%)
Save the cupcakes!34 (12.5%)

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