Britney Spears' son rushed to hospital

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Britney SpearsBritney Spears' son Jayden was rushed to the hospital on Sunday, after suffering an apparent allergic reaction. Britney and her sons are visiting family in Kentwood, Louisiana. At some point in the afternoon, he became "vague and unresponsive," certainly alarming behavior for an active two-year-old. He also developed hives.

Britney called emergency services, who directed her to drive Jayden directly to the ER. A witness says the entire family went together. "They tore off so fast, it was incredible." The boy remains hospitalized so that doctors can keep an eye on him, but he's reportedly doing fine.

This was the first time Britney was allowed to take the boys out of state on her own since Kevin Federline was awarded custody. If she's doing anything but worrying right now (which isn't likely), she has to be thinking that even when she's not looking for trouble, it seems to find her.

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