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Got a toddler or preschooler who's refusing to get dressed, put on their shoes, or brush their teeth? Here's a trick.child on bench
It's one of the oldest and easiest thing in the parenting bag of tricks -- make it talk, "it" being whatever it is your want your child to put on or use. So if your one-year-old is laying on the floor, refusing to let you put their coat on them, simply make it talk.

"What a handsome boy! I am such a lucky coat. Can I please wear you?"

Goofy voices and faces make this trick effective 99.9% of the time. Making the daily routine fun not only helps you get through the day -- sanity intact -- with a toddler who's testing their will, it'll also help your child learn those necessary daily living skills to someday, SOMEDAY, manage them on his own.

This week on Daily Dish, we're talking about parenting tricks. Come back daily for a new tip!


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