Salma Hayek's nursing addiction, not-so terrible twos and long-distance parenting

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Salma HayekSalma Hayek says she is addicted to nursing her baby. "I don't care if I cry, I don't care if I'm fat..." -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Forget your accountant. Listen to the savvy budget-slashing advice from these kids. Owen, 5, is making the supreme sacrifice: no more Fruit Roll-Ups. -- Babble

Can't get enough of the family pet all dressed up? Thought so. -- Dooce

Cosmetic sales are up as the economy falls down. There's a very simple reason why. -- The Motherhood

The twos aren't terrible. At least now he's settled in a big boy bed and says, "I love you mama!" every day. -- Lil Sugar

You have only two more days (11/13) to take advantage of Old Navy's half-off outerwear sale. -- MomFinds

Tori Spelling shares one of her most embarrassing mommy moments: "Someone who shall remain nameless ... might have pooped in a public pool." -- MomLogic

Enjoy this gorgeous photo album of a mild late autumn's gifts at the shore. -- Soulemama

Barack Obama's pick for chief of staff, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, is moving to DC come January while his wife and three kids will live in Chicago. Home is where the suitcase is. It ain't easy. -- Motherlode


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