The Obama's first date as First Couple

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Barack and Michelle ObamaPresident-elect Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have this marriage thing down pat, I think. While he was in the thick of his Presidential campaign, he returned home on their anniversary, despite her assurances that he didn't need to. And she's been a rock-solid support system while his star rises.

So I think they deserve to celebrate with a little alone time. Only, when you're headed to the White House, are you ever really alone?

The future First Couple stepped out on the town in Chicago last Saturday on an historic first date, going out to eat at their favorite Italian restaurant, Spiaggia. Rather than choosing a private VIP room, the Obamas sat with the other customers, enjoying some of their favorite Italian dishes. The restaurants owner reports that they had "a good time."

Date night is an important part of any marriage, but can you imagine how hard it is to arrange in the Obama household? It's great to see that, amid all that's happened for them in the last week, they're still taking time for each other.

How do you celebrate date night?
Seeing a movie41 (14.3%)
Going out to dinner131 (45.8%)
Drinks with friends9 (3.1%)
Other -- share with us in comments.14 (4.9%)
Date night? What's that?91 (31.8%)


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