Twins born from cancer survivor's 13-year-old sperm

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A woman in Taiwan recently gave birth to twins. No big deal there, right? Well, it turns out the sperm used to make those beautiful babies was thirteen years old. It was also donated from a cancer survivor--the woman's husband. The sperm had been frozen for over a decade when it was determined that the father, a man named Chen, then twenty-three, had testicular cancer and would be rendered infertile from the chemotherapy.

Cut to thirteen years later when his wife was then impregnated with the formerly frozen sperm. Artificial fertilization is truly an amazing, miraculous thing, and, thirty-seven weeks later, the wife gave birth to her own two little miracles. Taiwan's Central News Agency says the length of time in between the freezing of the sperm and the birth of the children is the longest in Taiwan's history.

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