Choking toddler saved by babysitter's parrot

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When two-year-old Hannah started choking on her snack, no one was around to help. No one human, anyway. Hannah's babysitter was in the bathroom, completely unaware, but someone did see that Hannah needed help - the babysitter's pet parrot.

The bird started shrieking loudly, then began to repeat the words, "Mama, baby, mama, baby," over and over again. Meagan, the babysitter, spotted the child, who had already began to turn blue, and performed the Heimlich maneuver. Hannah is fine, much to the relief of her parents and sitter.

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It's fairly common to hear about cats and dogs sounding the alarm when family members are in trouble. When our ancient dog fell into our pool late one evening years ago and couldn't get out, our cat literally saved her life by meowing in a way we couldn't possibly ignore. But this is the first time I've heard about a bird, especially a bird that's not part of the family, saving a child's life. It's a good reminder that our pets are a lot more complex than we give them credit for.

What about you -- do you have any amazing family pet stories to share?

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