Christmas Eve pajama party!

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christmas treeEvery year, the very first thing on my Christmas shopping list is the same - pajamas. It is kind of my little holiday tradition. I buy each family member (including myself) the most festive and/or goofy pajama set I can find. I wrap them, mark the packages with a special sticker, and put them under the tree with the other gifts. On Christmas Eve, we are all allowed to open one gift each - but I get to choose the gift. I dig out the specially marked pajama presents and those are the ones we open.

By this point, nobody is surprised when they open their Christmas Eve gift and find pajamas. The suspense lies in seeing what they look like this year. The best part is that on Christmas morning, everyone will be looking super cute in the photos!

I actually stole the Christmas pajama idea from a friend, so feel free to steal it for your own family. To get you started, I will share some of the great Christmas pajamas I have found so far this year.

Christmas Pajamas(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Chilly Penguin Footed PajamasSanta Cowboy Long PajamasA Very Merry Me PajamasRuffle GownSnoopy for Dad

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