No sex on billboards - Bonking okay

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censored billboardMost parents want to be the ones to decide when their children learn about certain things in life. When they feel the time is right, they will talk to them about sex, drugs, whatever. But sometimes those conversations are forced upon a parent by the outside world. Like when a large billboard in a public place asks the question "Want longer lasting sex?" in big, bold letters.

That particular billboard was placed by the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) in Sydney, Australia to promote treatment for erectile dysfunction. It drew heavy criticism from residents who felt it was inappropriate for children and was ultimately banned by the Advertising Standards Bureau.

AMI agreed to change all 120 billboards and in the interim, placed large black and white "censored" stickers over the word "sex". But the replacement billboards are slowly going up and they probably aren't exactly what concerned citizens had in mind when they demanded they be changed. The new signs read "Bonk Longer!" in big red letters.

AMI spokesman Dr. Chris Fenton sees no problem with the new billboard. "I think that people who understand the word 'bonk' understand it, and the ones who don't, don't," he said. As far as prompting questions from curious children, Dr. Fenton doesn't see it happening. "I don't think they would ask about the word 'bonk' as they would about 'sex', and if they do, parents are free to just gloss over it and say it's nothing important."

I think his logic is faulty and he misses the point completely. Parents aren't worried about the word on the billboard, it is the definition they want to avoid. And in this case, it is the same as it was before they changed it.

At any rate, officials at the Advertising Standards Bureau say they only need one complaint in order to take action against the new billboards. I have a feeling they will get it.

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