Fax, email to replace letters to Santa Claus?

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Letter to Santa

According to a recent report I read, the post office receives and distributes more mail on December 17th than any other day of the year. The reason? For one, folks are sending off all their Christmas presents--the 17th is a week before Christmas Eve. Another reason is that kids are also sending letters to Santa Claus.

Tradition holds that a child writes a letter to Santa using actual paper, mailing it off in an envelope complete with stamp to the North Pole. The letter, of course, after all its formalities--how is Santa, how is Mrs. Claus, etc.--is the means by which the child conveys his or her list of desired Christmas presents. In the modern world, however, one where Western Union has effectively ceased sending telegrams, adults and kids alike have access to all sorts of communication devices. Kids can choose from fax machines, emails and scans to get their letters to old Kris Kringle instead of doing it the old-fashioned way.

If it were up to my son he'd send his letter via blackberry--mine, in fact, if he could ever get it away from me long enough. (He doesn't seem to understand that eating my PDA will get him on Santa's naughty list.) I wonder how many old school letters will be sent to the North Pole this year, or if they'll mostly be replaced by jpegs, PDFs and instant messages!

How does your child plan on getting his or her letter to Santa this year? Anything particularly unique or humorous?

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