Jennifer Aniston - Angelina Jolie's words "really uncool"

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Four years after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell in love, effectively ending his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, the two women are still taking time out of their busy schedules to jab each other in the press.

Last month, Angelina admitted that she and Brad fell in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, while Brad was still married to Jen, letting slip a little chunk of truth that had to sting. Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of the December issue of Vogue, and couldn't resist fighting back.

When first asked about Angelina Jolie, Jennifer asked the reporter to turn off the tape. Oh, to be a fly on the wall then.

Even on the record, she doesn't mince words, "There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening," Jen said, "I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss. That stuff about how she couldn't wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool."

While those details are a part of Brad and Angelina's personal history, Angelina also knows that what she says to a reporter will be heard around the world. Was it an unintentional slip? Did she think that Jen should be over it by now? Or was she looking to hurt with her words? If that was the case, it appears she hit her mark.

What do you think?

What do you think about Angelina spilling the details of her affair?
It WAS really uncool.600 (61.4%)
It's been four years. She probably wasn't thinking of Jen at all.162 (16.6%)
They both need to get over it already.95 (9.7%)
I don't think about it, because I don't care.120 (12.3%)

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