Michelle Obama - Mom-in-Chief and so Much More

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Michelle ObamaHer husband is poised to become the next leader of the United States of America, but did you know that early on in his career, Michelle Obama was actually Barack Obama's mentor?

What's been lost in the post-election discussion about the future First Family, is that Michelle Obama was a successful career woman in her own right before the Presidential campaign began. Talk today focuses on her role in the White House as being First Mom or mom-in-Chief, appropriately so, since she's using those terms herself. But the fact that she's been slowing chipping away at her own career over the years to support her husband's shouldn't go without notice.

Slate has an excellent piece on the momification of Michelle Obama. It points to a recent article in the NYT that talks about Michelle Obama in very domestic terms:

"Although she dresses with unusual care -- in both designer clothing and off the rack styles she has become known for -- friends say she has only a certain amount of patience for the domestic arts. She is a get-it-done efficiently Rachael Ray type, they say, not given to elaborate Martha Stewart-like efforts."

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Rachel Ray? Martha Stewart? Where's the comparison to Hillary Clinton, who Mrs. Obama has called her role model, and who was also the first First Lady with a post-graduate degree (like Michelle)? The piece never once mentions Michelle Obama's career, or the fact that she will leave it behind to move to Washington.

Though none of us are married to the next President of the United States, I don't think Michelle Obama's situation is all that unique. Even in today's modern work environment, women are still far more likely to put their career-related dreams on hold to support their family. But to see Michelle Obama as simply an extension of her husband, and not the strong, successful, smart, woman she is, well, I think we'd all be underestimating our new First Lady.

What do you think?

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