Wall-E Comes to DVD

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Next Tuesday, the latest Pixar film, Wall-E, comes to DVD. In our house, Lightning McQueen is still beloved, but I think Wall-E is getting more playtime these days. In case you haven't seen the film, Wall-E is a waste management robot left on earth to clean up all the junk left behind by man. He and his cockroach friend are the only signs of life left on a planet left piled high with refuse.

One day, a rocket ship arrives and drops off another robot, Eve, and Wall-E's world is turned upside down. This being a Pixar film, the animation and characterization is amazing. There have been some complaints that the movie is a liberal propaganda vehicle for treehugging wackos, but I simply found it to be a cute, charming story about some funny and adorable robots.

In any case, if you're kids are as into Wall-E as mine are, you'll probably want to get two copies so that you'll have an extra when they wear out the first one. We're on our third copy of Cars; I think we'll be getting an extra copy of Wall-E.


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