Angelina Jolie to Retire from Hollywood?

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Angelina Jolie at the Kung Fu Panda premiere

Is Angelina Jolie planning on retiring from Hollywood? The actress, who plays the role of mom a lot more often these days than she does those on screen. Now the star of The Changeling says she's planning on "fading away" from movies and Hollywood in order to focus on her family. Jolie said something similar to this a ways back before she was pregnant with her twins. Hey-she likes being a mom! She said she'd be taking a break, but it was short-lived. Now, however, with six kids between her and partner Brad Pitt, Jolie says she may be taking the ultimate break. Jolie isn't planning on leaving the scene for good, however.

Jolie says that being a working mom is tough--juggling a career and kids is never easy, but that she would be enticed back to the film industry for a choice role. I'm assuming this does not mean another stab at the horrible Tomb Raider franchise. Being a celebrity is more of a pain in the butt than anything these days, and it sounds like she'd rather be free of that too. Well, I got news, honey--once a celeb, always a celeb, especially if you're one with six kids and looking to have or adopt even more. And if your baby daddy is BRAD PITT.

Some would say Ange should leave work all together and be only a mom. Others would say she shouldn't turn her back on the working world as it will look bad for women trying to make it in the workplace. Will Ange really fade away from the limelight? I doubt it. The appeal is too strong, and she's already used to that lifestyle. Still, I can appreciate her wanting to put her family first. It seems her father, John Voight, never did, hence their estrangement. Good luck to you, Ange! If anyone can identify with your struggle, it's the parents at ParentDish (and our readers!). Having kids is hard, but it's the best, even when trying to balance family with work.


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