Do Your Kids (Still) Believe in Santa Claus?

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Santa Claus

Do your children still believe in Santa Claus, if they ever did? Do you? I bet not. It seems every generation is less and less inclined to believe in jolly old Saint Nick. And I can understand why. His outfit, for one thing--it's totally outdated. Red is so NOT the new black, nor will it ever be. Plus, with the obesity epidemic hitting the nation, Santa might want to consider hitting the gym and getting a tad more buff if he wants to be taken seriously. All those milk and cookie treats the kids have left him over the years really have taken a toll on the poor old elf's waistline.

Also, I'm pretty sure the elves are planning on unionizing, and I heard something about the ASPCA launching an investigation to see how Claus treats his reindeer. Something about not letting one of them participate in some alleged 'reindeer games.' Aside from that, with the economy in the pooper and a recession hanging over our heads, our belief in Santa continues to spiral ever further downward. Hard to convince a kid that Santa exists and will bring him toys and then in the next breath tell him Santa is having to scale it back a bit this year so that XBox will have to wait.

I guess it's not really practical to believe in Santa Claus at all. I mean, you can look the guy up online and find out all about him and get thousands of opinions and facts about his existence--where's the mystery in that? Well, I guess the belief in Santa Claus is to provide some mystery. And to put a little magic back into things when they're cold and stark, like the weather or our current state of existence. Nothing can replace the feeling I still get as an adult laying down to sleep Christmas Eve, the same feeling I had when I was a kid. All was silent and still, perfect for listening for the sound of reindeer hooves or someone sliding down the chimney. There was so much anticipation in the air it hung like mistletoe over me. I believed because I wanted to believe, not because I had factual information proving Santa was real. And I think our kids need that more now than ever--or, maybe we do. I know I do.

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