Pregnant Man is Pregnant Again

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thomas beatieRemember that guy who had a baby earlier this year? Well, he and his wife Nancy are having another!

Thomas Beatie is a transgender - he was born a woman but after undergoing gender reassignment surgery, he is legally considered a male. He elected to retain his reproductive organs and because of that, was able to get pregnant with the help of a sperm donor. In June, he gave birth to his daughter Susan.

Despite all the negative attention Beatie's situation has brought upon him and his family, he is anxious to do it again. He tells Barbra Walters of ABC News that he deliberately stayed away from the male hormones after giving birth so that he could conceive again. "I had my checkups with my hormone level... everything is right on track," he said. The baby is due in June.

Thomas Beatie not only knows the joy of childbirth, he also knows the pain of loss. Before his successful pregnancy with Susan, he had become pregnant with triplets. That pregnancy had to be terminated because it was ectopic. Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy this go around.

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