Eleven-Year-Old Girl Saves Seven

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A rushing riverMaddie McRae is being hailed a hero whose bravery saved the lives of seven people. After heavy rains washed out a section of roadway, two vehicles, including the one she was riding in with her mother and two siblings, ended up in the river. "I knew what was happening," said the eleven-year-old. "I thought we were going to die because the water was going over our heads. But me and my mom prayed a lot and we knew God could get us through it."

But instead, Maddie managed to get out of the vehicle through the broken windshield, crawl across a tree branch to the shore, and then climb an electric fence to reach a nearby farmhouse. She called 9-1-1 and rescuers were able to pull her family to safety using ladders and ropes. Her mother and siblings were treated at a hospital and released.

Meanwhile, another family of four was also in the river, having fallen in before the McRae's on their way home from church. "We were coming home from church and came around the corner like we have thousands of times in the 13 years we've lived out here and the road was collapsed in front of us," said Jodi Porter. "And we went down into the culvert and it collapsed and we were in the creek floating backwards for about a mile." Instead of calling 9-1-1, however she called a friend to warn them about the collapsed road. Luckily Maddie McRae's rescuers were able to pull the four to safety as well.

I'm glad young Maddie was able to keep her wits about her and go for help. I'm sure the seven people whose lives she save are glad too.

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