Dad's Brown Bag Drawings Make the Rest of Us Look Bad

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brown bag It's pretty cool when you're dad knows the names of all of your favorite cartoon characters. But when you're dad draws them, in detail, onto your lunch bag every. single. day? Well, that's a whole new level of cool.

Lucky kids Dana and Dylan probably never ask for a Barbie or Transformers lunchbox. That's because during his own lunch hour every day, their dad puts a new drawing on their brown paper lunch bag for the next day. And he's pretty good. OK, amazingly good. Look at his versions of Cookie Monster and Hello Kitty. Wow!

Check out more of this dad's artwork on his blog Lunch Bag Art. Suddenly, my little note that says, "Mom loves you" that I stick in my kindergartner's lunch box seems a little lame. But though his artwork might make his kids the talk of the lunchroom, I think Dana and Dylan's dad's pictures are probably his way of sending his kids the same message. It's the little things that make kids feel special, and this is one dad that's figured that out.

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