Comic Books no Barrier to Presidency

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The cover of a Yellow Kid comic book, ca. 1897It used to be that kids hoarding comic books would justify the hobby by claiming that someday their collection would be worth enough to send them to college. But when the time came, they often went off to college with out them and mom would toss them, only to be met with "do you know how much those were worth?!" Well now there's another reason to put up with your teenager's love of comic books slipped lovingly into form-fitting bags -- he may very well end up as president of these United States.

Well, the comic books probably won't get him there, but at least they won't stop him. It turns out that our next president is a hardcore comic book collector. Yep, he's got Spiderman and Conan the Barbarian locked up in boxes, stored in their protective sleeves. So you see, you can no longer tell your kids to stop reading comic books or they'll never amount to anything -- unless you figure that leader of the free world doesn't really count as making it.

Now, the question is, should I get my kids Spiderman or Conan this holiday season? Sure, I could get them both, but I don't want to push them too much, right?

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