Suri Cruise is "Powerful," Eating Worms and Hillary Clinton's New Gig - Links We Love

little boy with worm
Suri Cruise can't even tie her own shoes, and she's already being called an influential person?! Forbes has put Suri at the top of their list of the World's Most Powerful Tot Under Age Five. -- MomLogic

Have you ever sedated an infant during air travel? We know a couple moms who have tried it. As for the rest of you, what do you think? -- Cookie

I have to admit, Secretary of State was not a position that came to mind when I envisioned Senator Clinton in an Obama administration. -- BlogHer

Try and answer this one from a 10-year-old about the economy: "But why can't we just fix it? Why can't the government just make more money if everyone needs it?" -- The Mommy Blog

Britney Spears calls her life since the breakdown worse than a jail sentence. (Tell that to Robert Downey, Jr.)

Pick up a worm. Bake a cake. Ride a bike through a puddle. There are 30 things to do before age 10. How many of your kids done? -- KOL

Alllllvin! Everyone's Favorite Chipmunk is Fifty. -- StrollerDerby

The price of food is on the rise, but that's no reason to avoid organic. With a little planning, flexibility and ingenuity, you can keep organics on your list. Here's how. -- Ecomii

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