Thomas Beatie - Pregnant Man Getting Death Threats

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Thomas Beatie, aka The Pregnant Man

    Thomas Beatie, a.k.a. the pregnant man, recently announced that he and wife Nancy are expecting again. Deciding to go for baby number two is a big decision in any family, but the Beatie's situation likely required careful thought. On the one hand, they'd be blessed with another beautiful baby. On the other, they'd have to let the world back into their personal lives for nine months.

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    The Beatie's just don't deal with media scrutiny; they also deal with hate. They've been flooded with hate-filled and threatening emails, phone calls, and letters. Some even say they hope that Thomas will die during childbirth, while commentators hosted by Fox News called their first baby a "little Ewok" who would probably be born "with a third eye," suggesting, I guess, that their sperm donor came from a galaxy far, far away.

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    But mostly, the haters call Thomas a freak. Whether or not you agree with what the Beaties are doing, it's hard to understand how normal people can say such hurtful things about a couple who are just minding their own business (and who just might ask others to do the same). This isn't unique to the Beaties' situation, of course. In this day and age of email, caller ID blocking, and anonymous online commenting, people can say whatever they want and never have to hang around to see the consequences of their behavior.

    What do you think?

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    A modeling shot of Thomas Beatie at age 13.

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    Thomas Beatie in labor with wife, Nancy Beatie at the Cascade Healthcare Community Hospital on June 29, 2008 in Bend, Oregon.

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