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A boy wearing a santa hat holding a chalkboard that says Do you buy your kids Christmas presents or are they, as they are in our home, simply "holiday gifts" (or perhaps even "solstice gifts", if I'm feeling particularly ornery.) If you're more into the former than the latter, then James Dobson and his group Focus on the Family has some important information for you. No, it's not what toys your kids will like or even which toys are safe. It's not even where to get the best deals in these lean times. Instead, they want you to know which retailers are pro-Christmas.

Yes, they've compiled a shopping guide that groups stores into three categories: Christmas-Friendly, Christmas-Negligent, and Christmas-Offensive. The first group proudly uses Christmas-specific phrases such as "Merry Christmas" in their catalogs and advertising. Christmas-offensive retailers, on the other hand, have "apparently abandoned" Christmas, choosing instead to use more inclusive, secular phrases such as "Happy Holidays". Negligent retailers waffle back and forth, using Christmas some of the time.

Now, I suppose some people might actually care about such things, and, I have to admit, all else being equal (price, convenience, etc.), I might be more inclined to patronize a store that doesn't try to force the owner's beliefs on me, but it really doesn't matter enough to bother checking some list to see which stores cater to my whims and which don't. How do you feel about it?

Do you care if a store uses "Christmas"?
I won't patronize a store that forces Christmas on me.42 (4.6%)
I'd prefer to skip the religious stuff -- I just want to go shopping.70 (7.7%)
I couldn't care less either way.132 (14.4%)
I like to see Christmas recognized, but "Happy Holidays" is okay.280 (30.6%)
I won't patronize a store that doesn't recognize Christmas.391 (42.7%)

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