Should Kids be Allowed to Ride Shotgun?

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passenger seatRemember the good old days when your car seat was your dad's arm thrown across your chest when he braked too hard? Nowadays, most states require kids to stay in some kind of booster seat until they're at least 15 years old.

I kid, I kid. Sort of.

Here in the great state of Illinois, children have sit in a booster seat until they are 8 years old, or they can sit in the backseat of a car with lap belts only, IF they weigh 40 pounds or more. This, of course, deprives them of one of life's most uncomplicated joys - riding in the front seat.

Where kids sit in the car is not generally mandated by state laws, but who wants to ride shotgun in a car seat? Technically, you could install your infant car seat in the passenger side, but safety experts strongly advise parents to keep kids in the back, and frankly, that's good advice.

But some say you should never allow your child to ride in front with a driver.

I'm all for child safety, of course, and I would never even consider putting my 3-year-old or my infant in the front seat. But what about when they outgrow the booster seat and can legally sit with me? Some of my best conversations with my parents happened in the front seat of their cars.

What do you think?
When should kids be allowed to ride shotgun?
When they outgrow their booster seat317 (71.1%)
Never, it's too much of a risk99 (22.2%)
My kid's car seat is in the front30 (6.7%)

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